The enterprise was founded in 1928 as a tractor workshop. In 1997 it was reorganized from the "State Mariupol Radiator Plant" into open joint stock company "Autoradiator".

JSC "Autoradia is the only Ukrainian enterprise engaged in production of radiators and heating systems for heavy-duty trucks, tractors and buses of various modifications including KrAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, MAZ, ZIL, YUMZ, LAZ. The enterprise also renders repair services of radiators both for heavy- and light-duty vehicles.

Radiators are manufactured according to the traditional technology involving the usage of copper-roll and brass-mill products. When a radiator tube is manufactured the interlocking joint and technology of double pretinning are applied, thus, there is almost no risk of defect or leakage. The serviceable life of such radiators is 3-5 years longer depending on the operating conditions. Copper-soldered radiators are unquestioned advantages. They have a higher heat exchange coefficient, provide for the usage of any type of cooling liquid (water, tosol, antifreeze) and have repair capabilities.

The plant is a supplier for HC "AvtoKrAZ, Avtosnabservis Co Ltd., Agrosoyuz Co Ltd. Service stations, automobile and bus fleets, large and small enterprises with their own car fleet, private persons under individual requests are our consumers as well.

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