Tokmak Forging and Stamping Plant

Public Joint Stock Company “Tokmak Forging and Stamping Plant” is specialized in producing of forgings with a weight varying from 0.14 to 50 kg by means of hot pressing. The plant has a closed-circuit production cycle including preproduction and heat treatment with finishing operations. The plant supplies over 4.000 forgings of different configuration to the automobile plants, agricultural engineering enterprises, carriage works, as well as mining equipment components.

 In addition to the main production the plant manufactures the following products:

  • tillage technical equipment - harrows, ploughs, cultivators;

  • trailers for motor cars of different modifications;

  • simple products like flanges, discs with mechanical processing;

  • consumer goods - bench hammers, sledgehammers, pick hammers for building works, tourist hatchets, bench vices, household scissors, hinges etc.

PJSC "TFSP" has developed and introduced the quality control system complying with the ISO 9001:2000 International Standard requirements.

Reception desk:
+38 (06178) 2-20-56

Marketing and Sales Department:
+38 (06178) 4-13-57


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