Poltava Auto Aggregate Plant "TAPAZ"

The Poltava Auto Aggregate Plant is one of the biggest vehicles pneumatic brake systems manufacturers. At present the plant is one of the main suppliers of these items for automobile plants in Kremenchug, Minsk, Kamsk, Mogylev, Ural; bus plants in Lviv, Pavlovsk, Kurgan, Likino; trolley-buses and special machinery manufacturers, as well as for all trailers and semi-trailers producers in CIS.

The plant produces over 50 items for trucks, trailers and trolley-buses kitting-up, the industrial pneumatic systems for the technological processes automation: air preparation units, valves, pneumatic control valves, safety valves, altogether over 100 items, and also consumer goods.

The plant has the brake systems testing laboratory accredited for certification test operation by the State Standard of Ukraine. It controls constantly the plant's production quality.

At present the plant obtained the recognition and respect not only in Ukraine, but also in CIS countries, Baltic states and far abroad - in China, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Greece, Poland. The plant's production is certified by the quality standardization system of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. In 2004 the Poltava Auto Aggregate Plant was awarded with the International quality control certificate based on ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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