Kherson Cardan Shafts Plant

JSC "Kherson Cardan Shafts Plant" is a highly mechanized enterprise that produces cardan shafts and spare parts to them intended for trucks manufactured in CIS-countries (KrAZ, MAZ, KamAZ, Ural, GAZ), LAZ buses, tractors ("Kirovets" and Kharkiv Tractor Plant) and agricultural machinery, for city passenger transport and special-purpose vehicles.

 Along with cardan shafts the plant produces:

  • Air filter elements to the abovementioned vehicles;

  • Rods and steering geometry ends of VAZ vehicles;

  • Cross-pieces of VAZ, "Niva", "Moskvich", "Izh" and "Volga" motor cars cardan shafts;

  • Different types of cardan joints for agricultural equipment

  • Steel grinding balls (for ball drums)

The plant has at its disposal a press-forging production with capacity of 20 thousand stampings per a year, mechanical assembly production composed of automatic lines, modular and special equipment, machines with programmable control, thermal production composed of chemical and technical components, hardening and air tempering furnaces, HFC devices, as well as instrument and repair production.

The enterprise quality control system is certified with respect to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Presentation of trucks