Special heavy rescue vehicle KrAZ-63221

 The KrAZ-63221 SHRV-B (special heavy rescue vehicle) is designed for:
- carrying rescue teams and equipment to respond to natural and manmade emergencies;
- helping rescue teams in search and evacuation of survivors and giving them first aid;
- extinguishing fires;
- radiological and chemical sur­vey;
- providing communication ser­vice and warning during relief efforts.


Basic chassis KrAZ-63221
Configuration 6x6
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Gross Vehicle Weight, kg 23000
Curb Weight, kg 16200
Max. speed, km/h 90

Rescue equipment:

-stationary electric power plant;
-supplementary portable power plant;
-plasma cutting machine;
-hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools;
-bench, entrenching and dielectric tools;
-engine-driven pump with set of hoses;
-ventilation equipment;
-pneumatic boat powered by motor;
-mine-rescue equipment;
-rigging equipment;
-lighting equipment;
-radiological and chemical survey equipment;
-aid and survival kits;
-fire extinguishing equipment;
-extending ladder;
-slick bar;
-radio communications.

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