Fire bluster tank trucks KrAZ-5233

The fire bluster tank trucks АC-40 base on KrAZ-5233Н2 and KrAZ-5233НЕ chassis are intended for delivery of crew and fire-extinguishing equipment to the place of fire in the residential and industrial areas of cities, in rural settlements, as well as in steppe and field conditions.


Basic chassis KrAZ-5233HE, KrAZ-5233H2
Configuration 4х2, 4х4
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Water tank capacity, l 5000
Pressure under nominal conditions, m 100
Crew seats quantity 7
Maximum speed, km/h 100

Water can be supplied from a tank, an open water body or water mains (hydrant). When foam former is applied, generated mechanical foam is discharged to the set of fire.

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