The recovery vehicle KrAZ-6322

The recovery vehicle КrAZ- 6322 of high cross-country ability is intended damaged vehicles repair and recovery on all kind of roads, off-roads and terrain.


Basic chassis KrAZ-63221
Configuration 6x6
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Gross Vehicle Weight, kg 23000
Towed trailer permissible full mass, kg 30000
Max. speed, km/h 80

Rescue equipment:

- crane-hydraulic manipulator IM-150;
- diesel-generator set MD-10ТЕ;
- air compressor ТМ66/100;
- pneumatic nut wrenches;
- equipment for oxyacetylene welding and metal cutting;
- bench with vice and grinding machine;
- complete set of wrenches and tools.

KrAZ Dump trucks
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KrAZ chassis trucks
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KrAZ Trailers
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