Fire Tanker Truck AC-40 based on KrAZ-5401H2 chassis

The tanker AC-40 (5401Н2) -712.11 is designed for fire protection of urban and rural settlements, industrial facilities and serves for:
- extinguishing fires in cities, industrial regions, rural areas and delivering combat crews, fire-technical weapons, water and foam to the site of fire;
- supplying water to the place of fire from a tank, an open reservoir, an external tank or a water main (hydrant)
- feeding a fire of air-mechanical foam to the fire with the use of a foaming agent or by taking it from a foreign container. The tanker truck can be used in various climatic conditions with a fluctuation of air temperature from minus 40 ° C to plus 40 ° C. The tank truck is not designed for operation in an explosive atmosphere


Base chassis КrАZ-5401Н2
Axle configuration 4х2
Engine turbocharged, diesel
Engine power, hp from 300
Fire-extinguishing agents, cu.m.  
- water tank, min.
- foam tank, min.
Type of fire pump NCP-40/100
Highest geometric height suction, m: 7.5
Suction time from the greatest geometric height, s, no more 45

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