AC-12 based on KrAZ-6511Н2 chassis under agricultural company’s order

24 January, 2020

Fulfilling the order of the agricultural company, “Kobzarenko Plant” LLC experts installed a water tank, which is designed to transport water and industrial fluids, onto the KrAZ-6511H2 truck chassis.

The tank volume of 12.5 m3 with a diameter of 1700 mm is made of 6 mm thick stainless steel, cylindrical in shape with water dampers inside. The other parameters are as follows: 3'' charging and water dump valve, lighting 12 (24) V, a staircase with a platform for maintenance. The 12.5 m3 tank is equipped with a centrifugal pump (capacity - 600 l/min., Ø3'') with a motor pump, which provides quick filling of the tank and sprayers, preparation of treatment solution, agitation and washing.

The self-priming function on the centrifugal pump provides filling from a reservoir from a depth of 3 m. Liquid to be pumped is filtrated by one Ø3" suction filter.

The base chassis for a tank truck - KrAZ-6511H2: wheel arrangement 6×2; cabover, 2-passenger; Euro-5 engine, in-line, 6-cylinder, turbocharged, 300 hp; gearbox - nine-speed, two-range, ABS braking system. The KrAZ-6511H2 chassis differs from the previous models by availability of a rear third lifting axle, which reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear while the truck is empty.

Among some advantages there is increased load-carrying capacity in comparison with the wheel arrangement 4×2, and operating costs are reduced in comparison with the wheel arrangement 6×4.

The KrAZ-6511H2 truck with 18 tons  load-carrying capacity is designed for industrial and municipal special equipment to be installed on it. The KrAZ chassis range, which is manufactured by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant, has more than ten basic two-, three-, and four-axle models with a load-carrying capacity up to 30 tons, conventional cabs and cabs over engine.

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