A team of specialists

Senior management of “AutoKrAZ” company is a team of experts highly skilled in automobile production, management, economics, marketing and other fields.

Key principles of our senior managers are management consistency, innovation-based development, activity, leadership role.

Concerted efforts of managers and staff allow tackling any tasks in an expeditious and professional manner.

Company's governance


Mr. Roman Chernyak

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy planning

Mr. Hennadii Muzyka

Director for strategy and development


Mr. Miroslav Lesnevskiy

Chief Sales Officer


Mr. Dzhemal Bolkvadze

Director for production


Mr. Anatolii Namiestnik

Chief commercial officer

god save us

Mr. Viktor Golovchenko

Director for security


Ms. Oksana Garagulya

Chief Accountant

Presentation of trucks