Concrete mixer truck KrAZ-6233P4

The KrAZ concrete mixer truck is used for mixing and transporting large volumes of concrete. The truck is intended to operate on public and dry earth roads in moderate climate at the temperature ranging from - 30 °С to + 45 °С. Water supply system utilizes exhaust gases for heating.
Concrete mixer drum can be driven both by truck’s engine and independent diesel engine included in mixing equipment depending on customer’s request.


Basic chassis KrAZ-65053, KrAZ-63221
Configuration 6х4, 6х6
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Useful volume of the mixer drum, m3 7; 9; 10
Rotational speed of the mixer drum, min-1 0...4; 0...18; 0...12
Water tank capacity, l 600; 850
Height of the mixer drum charging, mm 3770; 3700; 3900

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