Mobile cruise anti-ship missile system "Neptun"

РК-360МЦ Neptun is a mobile cruise anti-ship missile system. The system includes a command-and-staff module based on KrAZ-63221 chassis, a universal self-propelled launch station based on KrAZ-7634HE, a vehicle for transporting missiles and a transport-charging vehicle based on KrAZ-63221.


Basic chassis cab KrAZ-6322; KrAZ-7634HE
Configuration 6х6; 8x8
Engine diesel, turbocharged
Power, h.p. 300...460
Gear Box - automatic
- mechanical
Maximum firing range, km 280
Launch interval, sec 3-5
Deployment time at the new position, up to, min. 15

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KrAZ Dump trucks
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KrAZ chassis trucks
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KrAZ Trailers
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