The KrAZ-MPV Shrek One Vehicle Is a Great Success at DVD 2014

01 July, 2014

The KrAZ-MPV Shrek One vehicle had another successful display at the largest Europe’s exhibition of weapons and defence technologies in the land equipment sector DVD-2014 (Defence Vehicle Dynamics).

The exhibition was held on 25th and 26th June at Millbrook proving ground (United Kingdom). This year DVD-2014 attracted over 3000 visitors, all of them being prospective buyers, operators and military specialists. Tried visitors could see the KrAZ-MPV vehicle in all its glory on the proving ground tracks. Throughout both days of the exhibition, the vehicle showed high performance. Even water soaked roads after the rain on the second day of the Exhibition could not affect performance of the KrAZ-MPV vehicle on demonstration tracks.

The vehicle displayed at the Exhibition was an RCV version (Route Clearance Vehicle) of the KrAZ-MPV Shrek One vehicle. This armored vehicle has been built by “AutoKrAZ” and Streit Group, leading manufacturer of armored vehicles.  

This multirole MPV (Mine Protected Vehicle) vehicle is mounted on the KrAZ-5233 4x4 AWD chassis cab. The KrAZ-MPV Shrek One has V-hull. Ballistic protection meets B6+/STANAG 4569 level 2. Tires are provided with CTIS and RunFlat inserts.

The RCV version features Interrogation Arm with Grasping rake and CCTV system for landmine clearing with crew safe inside protected cab. Air Digger and Water Disruptor remotely controlled from the cab are available as option.

Depending on application, the KrAZ-MPV Shrek One is offered in three versions: KrAZ Troop Carrier, KrAZ Ambulance, KrAZ-RCV (Route Clearance vehicle).

The exhibition resulted in a series of promising agreements.

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