“AutoKrAZ” Relies on Cooperation with Transnistria

25 April, 2014

The managers of PJSC “AutoKrAZ” paid visit to the Moldovan Transdniestrian  Republic (MTR). During the working visit, there were some meetings with the country authorities such as Assistant to the President for Transport and Construction Y. Melnik and Minister for Economic Development V. Artemenko.

Among other issues they discussed cooperation in agriculture and housing and utility services. During the negotiations, a lineup of KrAZ municipal, road maintenance and special vehicles was presented to Transnistria authorities. The keynote of negotiations: PJSC “AutoKrAZ” is willing to meet the needs of Transnistria in powerful and efficient vehicles.  Kremenchug Automobile Plant is able to produce KrAZ trucks in a variety of versions and configurations with additional options to fit specific needs of buyers.

The host party spoke about its interest and deep satisfaction with the beginning of cooperation with KrAZ. The parties came to an accommodation in development of cooperation and promotion of KrAZ trucks in the market of the Moldovan Transdniestrian Republic and Romania.

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