Unparallel opportunity! KrAZ pegs the rate and reduces prices

13 March, 2014

It is hard to believe, but it’s true: KrAZ really reduces prices of its vehicles for Ukrainian customers. We are sure that Ukrainians should help each other through hard times.

Since 12th of March 2014 new prices are valid for Ukrainian customers with extra 5 percent off. It should be mentioned that the first time when KrAZ reduced prices by 10 percent since 1st of January this year.

Moreover, to protect customers from financial risks related to plummeting exchange rate, UA hryvna is pegged to US dollar at 8,5 UAH/USD.

Efforts taken in 2013 to reduce products cost resulted in gradual reduction of prices. These efforts meant implementing new technologies, optimizing production processes, searching different vendors of components.

Price reduction did not affect the quality, configuration and reliability of KrAZ trucks, moreover, a great stride forward has been made.

KrAZ is sure that price reduction will help replace imported vehicles with national ones.

Buying Ukrainian products, we support Ukraine!

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