Officers of the MoD of Egypt Completed Training at “AutoKrAZ”

24 January, 2014

This week a group of officers of Egyptian Ministry of Defence stayed at “AutoKrAZ”. The purpose of their visit to the company was training in operation, maintenance and repair of specialized KrAZ trucks stipulated in the contract signed with this country.

Customer’s representatives had their academic training course in the Training Centre of the Automobile Plant, hands-on experience in the assembly shop and driving training on the proving ground. When the training was over foreign officers gave a high praise to knowledge gained and quality of training.

After they got their certificates, they said that the training centre equipment met up-to-date standards. The trainees were especially impressed with automotive classroom provided, according to them, with unique equipment. This equipment is a mock-up of the KrAZ-6322 AWD truck that includes the whole set of parts and units and various systems in sections  for training purposes. “ We are amazed that this equipment is not a dummy but a real truck skillfully prepared. The training has been provided in a simple and understandable manner as we could see operation of running gear and driveline units that are usually unseen with the vehicle running.  Warning lights that come on with switched on ignition switch let us check functioning of vehicle systems “, - emphasized a trainee.

It is to be recalled that in 2013 around 400 KrAZ trucks of different models were delivered to the Ministry of Defence of Egypt under different contracts. 


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