The KrAZ-214 First-Born Truck Celebrates 55 !

28 November, 2014

The last day of autumn, November 30, 1959, an outstanding event took place at Kremenchuk Automobile Plant: the first military 6x6 KrAZ-214 Dniepr all-terrain truck rolled off the main assembly line. This vehicle is an ancestor for the lineup of off road trucks. By the end of the year, the number of the KrAZ-214 platform trucks totaled to 25 units.

This off road vehicle did not differ in design and appearance from its predecessor, The YaAZ‑214: instead of a bear on the hood there was a handle in the form of Ukrainian flag to open the hood and logo YaAZ on radiator grille was replaced by logo KrAZ. As the first KrAZ-222 dump truck, it had its own name Dniepr.

The KrAZ-214 Dniepr WAD truck was powered by the YaAZ-206B six-cylinder engine rated at 205hp. Powertrain included 5-speed transmission and two-speed part time transfer case. All the six driven wheels were single with 14-20” tires. Payload capacity was 7 tonnes,  curb weight - 12,4 tonnes. Top speed was 55 km/h with fuel consumption of  55-60 l/ 100 km

Not only with Soviet Army were the KrAZ-214 truck and upgraded KrAZ-214B truck were in service but also with the armies of the Warsaw Pact countries, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Cuba, India, Vietnam. They were used for carrying personnel and military cargoes, towing artillery systems, carrying pontoon bridge sets, mechanized bridges, radar stations in various service arms.

During 10-year-long production run of the KrAZ-214 off road truck from 1959 по 1969 the company produced 32 870 units. 2867 units out of total output were exported.

The KrAZ-214 was succeeded by the legendary KrAZ-255B.

Today the KrAZ-214 truck takes a place of honour among exhibits of KrAZ museum. Though state of the art military off road KrAZ trucks exceed their ancestor, they inherited the best from today’s hero of anniversary: simple design, power, ruggedness and reliability.
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