KrAZ Vehicles Save Lives of our Defenders

10 December, 2014

“Cougar Saves Lives of Border Patrol Unit”, “Cougar Saves  Lives During Casualty Evacuation”  (,, “Border Guard Armored Cougar Hits a Mine but Saves Life of Wounded Warrior” ( ), reports of State Border Guard and National Guard of Ukraine and mass media are full with this kind  messages.  They are even more numerous in stories of fighters from the frontline, witnesses and those who survived due to reliable protection of the KrAZ vehicle.

Every day we receive information about KrAZ military vehicles maintaining integrity of Ukrainian border and saving lives of our defenders. KrAZ is proud that together with other patriots it tackles military tasks like diligent and responsible soldier. No matter what false patriots, haters and ill-wishers tell about Ukrainian vehicles, lobbying foreign manufacturers of vehicles, life and real events from the frontline gives meaningful response:  KrAZ vehicles tackle their mission by carrying personnel, ammunition, special equipment and many other cargoes, delivering food rations to non-combatants, protecting in the line of fire, saving lives of combatants, wounded warriors and non-combatants.

Reliable KrAZ vehicles serve to the people of Ukraine!

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