The KrAZ-7511С4 Dump Truck Goes to Work at Khmelnitsky Water Supply Company

17 December, 2014

“AutoKrAZ” delivered the 6х4 KrAZ-7511С4 dump truck to the company engaged in the business of supplying water (Khmelnitsky) under the contract awarded through competitive bidding process in November of this year.

This truck was built in accordance with Development Plan at the end of 2013. It features higher payload capacity of 27 tonnes, the WP12.400E40 diesel inline engine rated at 400hp meeting Euro-4 emission standard that can be tuned to meet Euro-5. This engine delivers ultra low emissions, reduced nitrogen oxides emissions and better fuel efficiency. SCR system also makes this truck more environmentally friendly.  The power pack includes the MFZ-430 clutch and the 9JS200ТА transmission.

Ergonomic cab produced under МАN license, easier 14 cu.m. half-round dump body made from high strength steel (Voestalpine AG, Austria) with Binotto tipping gear, new FAW axles with load capacity increased to 16 tonnes are advantages that set this truck apart from others.

Competitive bidding process won by KrAZ proved confidence of the company’s management that the KrAZ-7511С4 dump truck would be of interest for construction companies and road building and maintenance companies that use this dump truck for carrying cargoes. Excellent maneuverability and high performance allow for using this truck by municipal companies for highway maintenance both in summer and in winter. 

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