KrAZ Dump Trucks Go to Krivoy Rog Miners

27 November, 2015

“AutoKrAZ” has shipped the KrAZ-65055 6x4 dump trucks provided with 12 cu.m. dump body to Krivoy Rog Iron Mining Company, the largest Ukrainian company specializing in iron ore underground mining.  Vehicles shipped come in standard configuration, at customer’s request they are equipped with analogue tachograph.

The КС-55729 crane based on the KrAZ-65055 6x4 chassis with lifting capacity of 32 tonnes will be delivered to the same customer in December in compliance with the agreement.

 PJSC “Krivbasszhelezrudkom” is long-term partner of “AutoKrAZ”. Last year this company purchased 2 KrAZ-65055 dump trucks used for carrying ore. According to technicians of “KZhRK” Kremenchug trucks tackle their job and for this reason another order for these dump trucks has been placed.   Krivoy Rog miners consider “KrAZ” as serious and prospective partner able to provide them with a range of special vehicles and timely maintenance for them. 

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