New KrAZ-Based Special Vehicles Come to “Ukrtransgaz”

04 December, 2015

11 new vehicles based on the KrAZ-63221 chassis have been added to the fleet of “Ukrtransgaz”, national gas transportation operator. You can read the report of this event at the official website of “Ukrtransgaz”.

Special vehicles have been built by leading national manufacturers “AutoKrAZ” and PjSC “Nefteavtomatika” (Poltava). New emergency vehicles are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and materials necessary for repair of gas pipelines.

According to the customer, the choice of the KrAZ-63221 6x6 off road chassis as base for special vehicle has not been accidental, this chassis is the best performer in harsh  environment, in which workers engaged in servicing of gas transportation system often have to do their job. This vehicle is not afraid of rain, mud, rugged terrains. All-wheel drive makes it possible for this model of KrAZ vehicle to deliver emergency team to any section of gas pipeline.

The vehicle has house-type body consisting of two compartments for passengers and for equipment.  Passenger compartment can accommodate 5 persons of emergency team. In case if repair works are carried out on remote gas pipelines far from populated localities, workers can sleep on special berths.

Equipment compartment has all the necessary equipment for quick and quality repair. The list of equipment includes 116 items from hand drill to welding unit and engine-driven pump.

The official of Ukrainian gas transportation company is glad to say that such state-of-the-art efficient vehicles are required for needs of the company’s subdivisions because the last time when new vehicles were added to the fleet of “Ukrtransgaz” was in 2001. 

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