New Year’s Gift - 8х4 Dump Truck!

30 December, 2015

On the New Year’s Eve KrAZ workers have added a new vehicle to KrAZ lineup, the KrAZ-7233С4 8х4 four-axle cabover dump truck built in compliance with Development Plan for 2015. This dump trucks offering better performance is the most powerful among other models in the lineup.  

The KrAZ-7233С4 dump truck is used for carrying bulk cargoes having specific weight of up to 2 t/cu.m. in road and industrial construction and mining activity.

This cabover truck is provided with powerful engine meeting Euro-5 emission standard, 20 cu.m. half-round dump body with rear tailgate.  Load carrying capacity of this giant is up to 26 tonnes, it has two steering front axles and two rear driving axles arranged in a tandem configuration with equalizer bar, reinforced rear suspension. Curb weight – 15,5 tonnes, gross weight – 41,5 tonnes. Because of its cabover design the turning radius is shorter and the truck offers better maneuverability.

The KrAZ-7233С4 dump trucks features ergonomic cab providing a really comfortable environment for driver: integral steering with additional power cylinder, functional dashboard, spacious sleeping bunk and other options provided to reduce driver fatigue.

The new four-axle dump truck is on a par with its foreign counterparts in terms of performance.  Adding this model to its lineup KrAZ hopes to substitute imported vehicles with efficient national ones.  

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