KrAZ Sales Staff Receives Training

05 December, 2017

Last weekend sales staff of “AutoKrAZ” received two day training in improvement of sales performance organized by the automobile plant administrative officers. The training has been held by “Personal” (Staff) Consulting Agency (Cherkassy), one of consulting leaders in Ukraine, member of All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization All-Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants (IMC-Ukraine).

The training included theoretical and practical sessions. The trainees have discussed a series of important issues that will help significantly improve performance of the company’s sales managers.   

The program taught essential techniques of direct sales, with focus on specific sales techniques and methods. After doing each module the knowledge gained has been solidified in practice by enacting typical situations in pairs and groups.  

Similar trainings help beginners to gain basic sales skills and experienced sales managers to boost confidence and performance. The company’s chief officers put special emphasis on staff development; they believe that new approaches are required to deal with changing market and demanding customers.

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