The KrAZ-5401НЕ Off Road Chassis Cab Customized to Meet SSES Requirements

19 December, 2017

“AutoKrAZ” has built KrAZ-5401НЕ 9,5 tonnes 4[4 off road chassis cab truck  in accordance with SSES technical requirements prescribed in bidding documents. This chassis is designed to be converted into the АC-4-60 fire fighting vehicle provided with special equipment. The chassis cab truck has been unveiled at special drill of SSES held at the automobile plant.

This unique chassis features the MAZ two-row four-door six seat cab mounted on two-axle off road chassis. It should be noted that the lineup of Renault и MAN traditional cabs Kremenchug Automobile Plant mounts on its cabover trucks does not contain the cab with parameters specified in this bid: those of МАZ-530905 cab (Belarus). As a result Kremenchug designers had to adapt this cab to the KrAZ-5401НЕ chassis cab truck. Wide tires with tire inflation system Wide tires with tire inflation system makes it possible to operate the vehicle both on and off road.  What is more, the vehicle provided with two fuel tanks 165 l each for fuel range of up to 600 km, can carry a crew and equipment to the scene of rescue, emergency or other necessary works. The vehicle speed can exceed 90 km/h and it offers sufficient maneuverability due to cabover design and can be used in urban cycle.  

The 4х4 KrAZ-5401НЕ off road cab chassis truck was built late last year, the first prototype was provided with the MAN two-row cab. Given high commonality of this model can be outfitted with over 30 special superstructures chosen by the customer. 

A wide lineup of KrAZ vehicles developed by “AutoKrAZ” over recent years allows for substituting imported vehicles with efficient compact special vehicles made by domestic manufacturer. Production facilities, human resources and proven technologies make it possible to manufacture any amount of various versions at customer’s request.

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