Rescuers of Poltava Mining and Concentrating Company Get New Firefighting Vehicle KrAZ

21 December, 2017

The АC11-70 (63221) fire tanker truck is used for carrying crew, extinguishing medium, firefighting and rescue equipment, extinguishing fires and carrying out rescue works using extinguishing medium carried by the fire tanker truck.

The АC-11-70 fire tanker truck is based on the 6х6 KrAZ-63221 off road chassis with connectable front axle-dive. The vehicle is provided with 375 horsepower turbocharged engine meeting Euro-5 and manual 9-speed transmission. Unique equalizer bar suspension is newly-designed. Mass produced two-row cab can accommodate as many as 7 crewmembers. All the seats are provided with safety belts, there is an additional dome light above the second row of seats.

Special equipment has been mounted by long-term partner of “KrAZ”, Ukrainian company “Tital” that utilizes KrAZ chassis as base for its special equipment. The tanker capacity is 10 tonnes of water, 1 tonne of foam and 250 l of extinguishing powder (for comparison, ZIL vehicle available in the mining and concentrating company’s fleet has a capacity of 2400 l of water and 150 l of foam compound. 70 l/s pumping unit allows  water jet to achieve 30 m in height.

According to rescuers, this vehicle is the most powerful among other 5 units in service with the mining and concentrating company.  Amount of onboard extinguishing medium helps cope with more complicated tasks and extinguish much larger fires. 

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