Another KrAZ Worker Gets Congratulations on Occasion of his 80th Anniversary

28 December, 2017

Today the museum of Kremenchug Automobile Plant has been a celebration site on occasion of 80th anniversary of the company’s veteran, former Deputy General Director for Human Resources, Chairman of Automobile Plant Veterans Union Viktor Karyagin. He has devoted almost 40 years of his life to “KrAZ” and has lots of merit badges including Badge of Honor Order, title “Veteran of Labor”, certificates of merit from the company and the town. The company’s General Director, former colleagues from the company’s management, today’s generation of automobile plant employees from Quality Control Department headed by his son came to congratulate the hero of the day.

The anniversary celebrant recalled his everyday working life at “KrAZ”. According to him, it was hard to work because the company employed 18 000 persons at that time. Besides recruiting, he was in charge of all the social matters: the company’s childcare centres, afterwork disease prevention centre “Beryozka”, recreation centre, help to sponsored educational institutions and collective farms. His duties included supervising working discipline together with corporate paramilitary security. There was no shortage of work but he has never regretted dedicating his life to “KrAZ”.

General Director Roman Chernyak expressed thanks for years of dedicated service, vigorous efforts in his work with veterans in retirement and wished many happy returns of the day in his complimentary speech.  The rest of those present joined him with flowers and presents.

Silver-haired veteran deeply moved by care and solemn celebration acknowledged his gratitude to the company and wished many years of long and successful operation. 

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