“KrAZ” Delivers 32 tonne КС-55729 Truck-Mounted Crane to Customer

23 April, 2018

The 32 tonne КС-55729 truck-mounted crane, the most powerful one in KrAZ special vehicles lineup, has been shipped by “AutoKrAZ” to Kharkov. The truck crane has been made under the contract awarded through ProZorro bid announced by an energy network operator of Ukraine. Crane has been mounted by Trade Company “Truck Cranes of Ukraine” on the 6х6 KrAZ-63221 chassis. This chassis cab is mass produced, however, for development of relationship with a new customer “AutoKrAZ” provided the chassis cab with rear view camera to improve visibility when driving and operating the crane.

The crane includes 30 m boom with lifting capacity of 32 tonnes and swing angle of 360°. The crane is controlled with standard devices with safety systems. The КС-55729 truck-mounted crane (63221) is used for handling, building and installations works at dispersed sites in urban and countryside environment.  

It should be emphasized that Kremenchug Automobile Plant supplied 10 25 tonne truck cranes in 2017 - January 2018 to the biggest operator of Ukraine’s gas transportation system “Ukrgazdobycha”. Nine cranes were mounted on the 6х6 KrAZ-6322 and one crane was based on the 6х4 KrAZ-65053 chassis. 6х6 and 6х4 conventional chassis cabs are more suitable for fitting cranes used in harsh environment in building, oil and gas industries. Their advantages over similar models: high capacity, off road ability, strength, fuel efficiency, simple and reliable design, high lifting capacity. Conventional cab makes iteasier to maintain engine with stowed boom and to secure hook in the front part of vehicle. During engine maintenance crane boom should not be pulled aside, giving additional advantage to driver in contrast with bonnetless vehicles.

The company’s portfolio of orders for this year contains order for 40 tonne crane domestic manufacturer has never built. 

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