32 Tonne Cranes Shipped to “Ukrnafta”

15 November, 2018

“AutoKrAZ” completed executing its contract by shipping the КС-55729 truck-mounted cranes to “Ukrnafta”. “Ukrnafta” is leading company of Ukraine specializing in drilling and field development, oil and gas production. Special vehicles have been shipped to end user, oil and gas production department “Akhtyrkaneftegaz” (Sumy region).

Chassis selected by the customer to mount the crane made by CC «Autocranes of Ukraine” is the 6х6 KrAZ-6322 AWD chassis cab truck. Vehicles are provided with standard equipment and tachographs at customer’s request.

The 32 tonne КС-55729(6322) crane is the most powerful among its counterparts. It is used for handling loads in construction industry at scattered sites both in settlements and beyond them. Crane superstructure includes 30 m 32 tonne boom with slew angle of 360°. Length of four-section boom ranges from 10 to 31 m with maximum reach of 29 m. Operator’s cab is equipped with independent heater, for safety of works microprocessor-based load limit switch is provided with digital indication on in-cab display. 

Kremenchug Automobile Plant offers today 25 and 32 tonnes cranes mounted on the KrAz-65053, KrAZ-6322/63221 chassis. These models are ideally suited for mounting cranes operated in harsh environment in industry and oil and gas industries. The company plans to build more powerful 40 tonne truck-mounted crane. KrAZ-based cranes have a range of advantages: high chassis capacity, off road ability and stability, fuel efficiency, easy operation and reliability, high payload capacity.  

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