Chernigov Township Council Gets New Special Vehicle KrAZ

15 January, 2019

Municipal company “Chernigov Housing and Utilities Department” under Chernigov Township Council in Zaporozhye region has received the UYaR-01 pothole patcher with snow plough. This special vehicle is based on the KrAZ-5233 НЕ off road chassis provided with standard equipment set and double wheels.

Aftermarket equipment made by PrJSC “Spetsbudmash” (Brovary) includes 5,2 cu.m. hopper, 600 l water tank and 1000 l emulsion tank.  Capacity:  175 sq.m/hour. 3 m wide snow plough additionally provided for snow removal can be easily mounted and removed.

The KrAZ-5233 UYaR-01 special vehicle is used for repair of asphalt concrete pavement. Pothole patcher includes aggregate hopper, water and emulsion tanks. Working tool is a boom used to carry delivery hose. Hydraulic equipment is driven by an independent engine. Boom raising, lowering and rotation, delivery and proportioning of emulsion, water and gravel depending on pothole depth and size are controlled by operator using remote control panel. Major advantages of the special vehicle: repair of wet potholes without saw-cutting and cleaning, no need to use roller to compact patches, reduced labor content and material saving.  During repair traffic flow is not impeded on motor roads and longer service life of road.

Earlier in 2007 similar equipment was mounted on the 4х2 KrAZ-5233Н2 chassis. At customer’s request, the special vehicle can be based on various KrAZ chassis available in various versions with a range of payload capacities and axle configurations.  

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