“KrAZ” Tests New Four-Circuit Valve of “PAAZ”

17 January, 2019

Poltava Brake Components Plant, a company of group “KrAZ”, supplying brake components to Kremenchug Automobile Plant, masters production of new type of product, namely air treatment unit made by “PAAZ” consisting of dryer and four-circuit valve. Poltava Brake Components Plant employees offered new design of the valve because of quality complaints filed from time to time.   

In this regard Head of Test Laboratory Bureau Mr.Shushunov and Advanced Engineering and Marketing Adviser Mr.Zelenskiy recently came to “KrAZ”. Together with the automobile plant technicians they fitted the new valve on the KrAZ-6322 off road truck with Euro-6 engine in experimental workshop to check specifications stated. The, ride and performance tests have been carried out by the company’s test workshop.

Air treatment unit is fitted in air-operated brake systems for cleaning air supplied by air compressor and treats this air by drying, adjusting working pressure in brake system. Air dryer and multiple-circuit protection valve are integrated in one device. Tests of new valve proved that this design was good and its parameters meet all specifications.   

According to “PAAZ” representatives, the new four-circuit valve meets all up-to-date requirements and maintains brake performance. This valve meets safety requirements, too. It splits brake system into two service circuits: parking brake circuit and circuit of compressed air consuming devices. It is also used for automatic cutting off of one circuit in case of air leak, for preventing compressed air from escaping in non-damages circuits or in all the circuits in case of feed line break. Unlike previous model, all body parts of new valve are made of metal instead of plastic.  This version is more suitable for our conditions as it improves traffic safety.

Completed tests of newly-designed valve showed good results. Test report conclusions prove that the new four-circuit valve made by “PAAZ” fully meets UN ECE R №13.11.

Both “KrAZ” and “PAAZ” hope that good results of testing will enable to accelerate the start of mass production at manufacturing facilities and use it on mass produced and advanced vehicles. 

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