KrAZ Truck Defies Snow Banks and Rugged Terrains

24 January, 2019

Yesterday’s abundant snowfall could not stop a visit of a big group of second and fourth year cadets of Kharkov National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine. While being at Kremenchug military unit 43059 for training purposes they asked to visit the plant to see assembly of Ukrainian-made truck in service with Ukrainian army they are to operate and maintain. A program was varied and despite bad weather all planned events have been held. Museum, main assembly line and Training Centre of the Automobile Plant, civilian and military vehicles on display, experimental shop, hot tea and baked goods for warming up. And last but not the least, the proving ground and demonstration run.

It is worth noting that the demonstration of KrAZ abilities on the proving ground was at risk of failure: no obstacle except hill was seen under dense blanket of snow. Deep layer of snow on the proving ground, biting snow and high wind overset the cadets and raised their doubts: the vehicle will hardly drive, the driver will see nothing.

But skilled test driver who could drive there with closed eyes demonstrated to future army men off road performance capabilities of the vehicle in harsh environment. They applauded the KrAZ vehicle and the driver, particularly for driving up 60% gradient in harsh conditions. “Come on… Well done. Hurray!, - they cried. Their leader, officer of Personnel Support Group Vitaliy Muzyka, commented:

- This KrAZ truck is the most reliable vehicle in the east of our country, where servicemen do their duty. It delivers fuel, food, water and ammunitions to defended posts, checkpoints, first and second lines of defence. Its off road ability in severe weather conditions is really impressive. I saw it myself during my numerous trips to Donbass. Only these vehicles can deliver you to destination point in extreme weather conditions. Let us recall snowfall and disaster caused on December 25-27 in 2018! Our KrAZ trucks were also used for recovery of vehicles stranded on the border of Poltava and Cherkassy regions and evacuation of people. “

Very interested, curious and attentive to details future officers thanked for feedback to their request and opportunity to see it with their own eyes. KrAZ is sure that such collaboration between higher education institutions and manufacturer will make it possible to train more skilled personnel, avoid problems army men face due to insufficient training in operation of KrAZ truck.  

This day a shooting team of TRK “Ukraina” was at the company’s facilities. They were shooting footage for project Today that will soon appear on the screen in the program Home-made. You will find lots of interesting things there, please save the date. KrAZ truck in extreme conditions looks cool! 

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