Lifelong Students Thank the Automobile Plant

30 January, 2019

This is how veterans studying at the University of the Third Age at Kremenchuk Territorial Social Service Centre in Avtozavodskiy district jokingly call themselves. Lots of former employees of the Automobile Plant are among them.

Veteran’s community gathered on 25 January in the Palace of Culture KrAZ to celebrate the Day of national Unity and Day of Student. The program was varied with welcome speeches, theatrical performances, joke and songs. In her opening speech the Head of Territorial Centre Mrs.Dzyuba thanked “KrAZ” for help. She said that on the average they turn to the company’s management team five times a year asking for help in holding mass events for university learners.  “We thank General Director Roman Chernyak who willingly allows these students to use palace facilities. The palace is conveniently located near public transport stops, and we thank so much automobile plant employees for their humanity and kindness”.

These meetings for labor veterans are ways of escaping, a bright page in their life. Former workers of Kremenchug Automobile Plant who worked over 30-40 years in different subdivisions confirm that.  “There’s no point in keeping the house when the life is so full of events. One should go out, talk, be physically active. New friends, new knowledge give a sense of purpose, brighten up life”. Lecturers say that there is no more appreciative audience than veterans; they are more active than youth. Their eyes radiate when they gather, talk and plan events. Such events help veterans-students stay young, make them full of life, energetic, passionate and improve their longevity. 

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