“AutoKrAZ” is the Biggest Taxpayer in the Region and Kremenchug

04 February, 2019

Complete cycle domestic manufacturer of trucks “AutoKrAZ” leads in tax payment among Kremenchug and Poltava region companies.  In 2018 taxes paid by the company totaled almost UAH 181m. Kremenchug Automobile Plant paid about UAH 121m of taxes to the national budget, up 11 percent from 2017. Unified social contribution is UAH 45,5m, VAT is UAH 74m.

Contributions of “AutoKrAZ” to Kremenchug budget also grew by 12,5 percent to almost UAH  60m. These taxes and amounts are as follows: personal income tax - UAH 37,7m,   (up 16 from 2017), land rent – UAH 18,6m and military tax – about UAH 3,2m.

In 2018 “AutoKrAZ” completely fulfilled its tax obligations towards the government despite depression in automotive industry and other factors affecting the company’s operational stability. Ukrainian manufacturer still believes that increase in taxes to the national and local budgets can be achieved by awarding public contracts, first of all, by placing orders for special vehicles for the army out of funds form military tax and municipal vehicles using budget funds.  With production capacity of over 500 units per year the company operates at less than 20 percent of its capacity.

“AutoKrAZ” completely fulfilled its social commitments in 2018.  Wages increased three times within the year, as of December of 2018 average salary with full-time employment is UAH 7073 (up 18 percent from 2017). 

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