Acceptance of KrAZ Trucks by UN Officers

07 February, 2019

“AutoKrAZ” executed another foreign economic contract on 05.02.2019 by supplying a batch of trucks to a country of South East Asia. Inspectors, UN officers in charge of project and representatives of police in this country will use these vehicles as part of peacekeeping mission. 

It should be recalled that the automobile plant shipped the trucks to the customer previous December. These were the 4х4 KrAZ-5233 platform and chassis cab trucks and the 6х4 KrAZ-65053 cab chassis.

“AutoKrAZ” was responsible for the whole logistic process. The trucks were carried by RO-RO ship designed for transporting wheeled vehicles, thus avoiding corrosive effects of salt water during long transportation.

To provide as soon as possible cab chassis for upfitting with various aftermarket equipment such as refueling equipment, water tanks, garbage equipment, etc, acceptance was held in the port. The trucks have been accepted without comments. This is a result of responsible attitude of Ukrainian manufacturer toward each customer and full compliance with contract requirements and specifications stated.

Kremenchug Automobile Plant is sure that supplied trucks will contribute significantly to operations of the main international organization worldwide and serve honorable peacekeeping mission. 

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