Congratulations on 90th Anniversary for KrAZ Worker

21 February, 2019

Today “KrAZ” congratulated Zakhar Butko on occasion of its 90th anniversary, many employees of the automobile plant remember him as Deputy Head of Quality Control Department. He has taken congratulations at home despite a good tradition to do in the company’s museum. The veteran keeps the house because of his health, he can move about only with difficulty. Today’s generation of the automobile plant employees together with Director for Quality and former colleagues made him happy by their attention and gifts on that particular occasion.

The veteran heard warm words of congratulations, he was given flowers, Certificate of Merit, aromatic pie and memorable gifts. He was particularly moved song Guard Desk performed by his colleagues. Mr.Butko joined in signing, applauded, touchingly thanked visitors for their attention, care and memory. They also recalled young captain Zakhar Butko who came to work at the plant after army service. He started his career as fitter at main assembly line, worked as foreman at Quality Control Department, then, Deputy Head of department. He worked 42 years at the automobile plant, was awarded many corporate and state decorations, including Order of Honor. Kremenchug Automobile Plant doesn’t forget people who build the plant, helped the company win glory, its veterans. We wish you good health and many years. We wish you many years in good health.

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