KrAZ Employee Active and Vigorous in his 90s

06 March, 2019

By tradition, 90-year-old Grigoriy Shvydia, who worked as senior foreman of pattern making shop at Chief Metalworker Department, has been congratulated on occasion of his anniversary in the company’s history museum. Members of staff, administration, trade union committee and Veteran’s Organization came to congratulate him.

“it’s luck that the museum has been restored! I remember an old museum but today’s museum is much better” – said Mr.Shvydia with enthusiasm. Warm wishes and congratulations have been extended to the hero of the day. The veteran has been presented flowers and memorable gifts, many congratulatory speeches have been delivered.

All those present were surprised that the veteran has a lean body at his age. “I am former sailor”, - says Mr.Shvydia, - I started my career when the company was producing harvesters in 1955. I saw the plant construction, switching from production of harvesters to manufacture of trucks. I found my true vocation when I became foreman of pattern shop. I have always carried out planned tasks, observed strict (Navy) discipline, mentored to youth. I have been in employment with KrAZ till 2000. I wish prosperity to the company! Work to plant employees! Peace to our country!

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