Ukrainian Metalworkers Get New KrAZ Trucks

19 March, 2019

The last vehicle from a batch of the KrAZ-65053 trucks made in compliance with requirements of Ukrainian contractor went from Kremenchug Automobile Plant to a customer. “KrAZ” fulfilled the contract entered into with the biggest Ukrainian integrated iron-and-steel works by shipping this vehicle.

 The 17 tonne 6х4 KrAZ-65053 trucks will be used to meet the needs of the integrated iron-and-steel works, for delivery of equipment, spare parts and tools to repair site. The vehicles are equipped with standard equipment.  Options include: additional heater and safety belts in the cab, ABS in brake system.   

 Ukrainian manufacturer offers to domestic and foreign customers a wide range of KrAZ dropside trucks with different payload capacity, axle configurations and layouts. These trucks are hard workers carrying cargoes of up to 20 tonne, repair and maintenance teams, towing trailers with gross weight of up to 30 tonne. Special multi-purpose vehicles based on KrAZ dropside trucks are very popular with mining and concentrating companies, integrated iron-and-steel works, road building and oil and gas companies. They are available with four door cab, A/C unit and other options at customer’s request.
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