The KrAZ-7634НЕ Chassis is a Base for Neptune Missile System

15 April, 2019

Ukraine launched production of own-produced Neptune Missile System designed for protection of maritime borders. It has recently undergone testing, according to Facebook page of «Defense Express» present at testing.

The RК-360МTs guided missile is designed for destroying enemy ground and sea targets at a distance of up to 300 km. The USPU-360 common launcher is based on the 8х8 KrAZ-7634НЕ chassis with payload capacity of 27 tonne. The launcher is designed for installation, temporary storage, transportation, preparation for launch and launch of the R-360 missiles. The chassis is equipped with 460hp engine and automatic transmission with maximum toque of 2500 N•m. Such a combination of components and through type powertrain make it possible to achieve excellent towing performance.

The KrAZ-7634НЕ chassis features engine-behind-cab design, length from back of cab to end of frame of 8080 mm, minimum turning radius between walls of 14 m, steerable first and second axles, all the axles are driving. Integral steering has hydraulic servo unit to reduce steering effort to 10 kgf. All-wheel drive makes it possible to use off road special product based on this chassis.

Low-seated cab features excellent ergonomics.

Other companies involved in designing and production of Neptune Missile System together with “AutoKrAZ” are SKDB “Luch”, “Orizon-navigatsiya”, “Impulse”, “Vizar”, National Space Agency of Ukraine CDB “Arsenal”, leading private defense companies “Telecard-Pribor”, “Ukrinmash”, “Ukrainian Armor”, “Motor Sich”. By the way, all support vehicles for new RК-360МTs are based on Ukrainian chassis made by ”AutoKrAZ”.  


Фото, відео: Defense Express; Сергій Згурець

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