Assembly of Road Maintenance Vehicle for SJSC “Avtodor of Ukraine” Underway at “AutoKrAZ”

06 June, 2019

The KrAZ-65055-05 based multipurpose road maintenance vehicle with precise dosage salt spreader and tilt blade is designed to maintain asphalt and concrete motorways and urban roads.

The first prototype has been built in development shop with supervised installation of equipment.

Specifications: engine rated at 380 hp, axle configuration 6х4, integral steering gear, brake system with ABS and load sensing valve, all metal three-seat cab with additional heating unit and seat belts. Design features: engine compartment and cab enable easy access to engine units with snow plough raised for urgent repair. Dump body capacity: 12 cu.m. The vehicle is equipped with additional lights on fenders for road lighting when using front snow plough.

Salt hopper capacity: 9,0 cu.m. The hopper has protection from salt corrosion. The spreader is designed to spread salt, sand, grit or their mixtures. It is equipped with pre-wetting system to sprinkle de-icers with salt brine.  

Equipment systems and snow plough are controlled remotely from driver’s cab using electronic displays for adjustment of spreading density, etc. The spreader control panel has special function providing instant increase in spreading density to maximum for reliable spreading on overhead roads and bridges.

Deicers are transported by rubber belt conveyor. A chute exit from conveyor to disk spinner is made of plastic for easier flow of deicers and to prevent adherence to walls at low temperatures.

The spinner disk is adjustable by control panel in driver’s cab to spread both symmetrically and asymmetrically (uniform spreading both sides, only on the right side, only on the left side, non-uniform spreading both sides) in the direction of travel.

The assembly of  67 vehicles for SE “Kiev Oblavtodor” of SJSC ”Roads of Ukraine”  is underway in the assembly and acceptance shop.

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