AutoKrAZ is preparing to introduction of new Euro-6 environmental standard

26 June, 2019

The Law of Ukraine “On Certain Issues of Importation into the Customs Territory of Ukraine and Registration of Vehicles” provides for the introduction of the Euro 6 standard in the territory of Ukraine from January 1, 2020. Although today there are still discussions regarding the date of introduction of the new standard, AvtoKrAZ PJSC confidently overcomes today all the stages of certification, understanding the importance of observing environmental safety requirements.

AutoKrAZ is the only manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles in Ukraine, proves that its products are safe and meet the requirements of the new environmental standard. The main task of the enterprise today is to go through the procedure of confirming the compliance to the standard completely including conventional and bonnetless types of vehicles.

These days the process of carrying out a complex of certification tests of traditional serial conventional vehicles continues. Therefore, first of all, two samples were manufactured: the three-axle all-wheel drive KrAZ-6322-06 and the two-axle all-wheel drive KrAZ-5233BE-600 for the certification of the model range of this type of all-wheel drive vehicles.
Previously the company has received two types of diesel engines manufactured by the leading Chinese engine-building company Weichai Power – the WP10 (Euro 6) with a power of 375 HP and WP7 (Euro 6) with a power of 300 HP. The models of these engines are already certified by the engine manufacturer in accordance with Euro-6 requirements, therefore the task for PJSC AvtoKrAZ is to carry out work  to confirm compliance with the certification requirements of vehicles in general and to obtain Type Certificates for KrAZ brand vehicles in the Certification Authority.

Certification tests are conducted at the bases of respectively accredited technical services and test centers such as the State Enterprise "State Transport Research and Design Institute" (Kiev), ZAZ Center (Zaporizhia), AvtoKrAZ IC (Kremenchug ), JAFI - AUTOKUT Engineering Ltd Technical Service. (Budapest, Hungary).

The plans include the completion of the certification of KrAZ serial conventional vehicles and the transition to certification of KRAZ three-axle and two-axle vehicles of bonetless (cabine-over-engine) design.

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