New stage in the preparation for the introduction of the emission standard Euro-6

05 July, 2019

We have already reported about conducting the set of certification tests for traditional serial vehicles of conventional design: a three-axle all-wheel drive truck KrAZ-6322-06 and a two-axle all-wheel drive truck KrAZ-5233BE-600 with two types of diesel engines -  WP10 (Euro-6) with a engine power of 375 HP and WP7 (Euro-6) with 300 HP, manufactured by leading Chinese engine company “Weichai Power”

These days preliminary and certification tests of the KrAZ-7133B4-600 four-axle chassis with the wheel arrangement 8×4 equipped with WP10 (Euro-6) engine are going on. In order to certify the KrAZ-7133B4-600, tests are carried out for compliance with the requirements of the UNECE Regulations.  Next steps in the certification procedure are the coordination with developed specification of requirements with the State Enterprise “State Road Transport Research Institute” and the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and identification in one of the official laboratories, according to the decision of the Certification Authority.

The four-axle chassis KrAZ-7133B4-600 with the wheel arrangement 8×4 with forward-control cabin is intended for installation of industrial platform superstructures, process equipment and operation by all types of roads. The chassis designers were guided by the requirements of the traffic regulations for the maximum permissible axle load, which will ensure compliance with technical standards for the movement of the wheeled vehicle by public roads without special permission.

Technical characteristics of the new vehicle: the power unit has a 375-horsepower, engine emission standard - Euro 6, with manual transmission and single-disk push-type clutch. Brake system drive – pneumatic with ABS system, driven from an engine compressor. Cabin type – cabin-over-engine (forward-control cabin), with a sleeping berth, low height day cabin, with a high level of comfort, equipped with air conditioner. It includes a functional dashboard, an integral type steering gear with integrated power steering, an adjustable steering column, and power glass windows.

It is worth reminding that emission standard Euro 6 in the EU has been in effect since September 2015. In Ukraine, the Supreme Council initially postponed the implementation of the emission standard till January 1, 2020, and already on June 6, 2019, the parliament decided to postpone this period by 2025. Unfortunately, the interests of domestic automotive manufacturers, including AutoKrAZ, which invested significant funds and efforts so that their products meet the new emission standards nowdays, have not been taken into account. The sole manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles in the country, AutoKrAZ, proves once again that its products are safe and meet the requirements of the new emission standard.

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