MBPK based on KrAZ-63221 chassis - for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

17 July, 2019

Another batch of KrAZ-63221 chassis trucks and KrAZ-A181 chassis trailers were delivered to the Krukovsky Railway Car Building Works , which are used as a base to install the superstructure - mobile bath-and-laundry complexes (MBPK).

The KrAZ-63221 chassis truck is off-road cross-country vehicle designed for mounting weapons and military equipment, installations of special and industrial use, as well as for towing a trailer on all kinds of roads, off-road and any terrain. The vehicle is produced in a military version, equipped with a centralized tires inflation system which is controlled from the cab of a moving vehicle, and places for mounting personal weapons of the driver and personnel.

The KrAZ-63221 is a chassis truck with the wheel drive 6x6, WP10.380 engine, mechanical, nine-shift gearbox, mechanical steering mechanism  with hydraulic booster. There is a compartment for washing, drying and ironing underwear and clothing in one of the two MBPK containers. Diesel generator sets for autonomous power supply, as well as special equipment for connecting to the external network allocated in the technical compartment. There is a mobile bath module, which provides the possibility of heating water using both liquid and solid fuels in another container.

Mobile bath and laundry complex can be used both during wartime and peacetime (during military exercises), during operations of Ministry of Emergency units, as well as during geological prospecting and other situations when people work in the field.

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