Unique crane truck based on KrAZ-7133 shipped to Metinvest

23 July, 2019

The most powerful in Ukraine the truck crane KS-65719 with a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons was installed for the first time on the KrAZ-7133-500 chassis truck with forward control cabin, which optimally serves for the installation of a crane superstructure.

The four-axle chassis KrAZ-7133-500 with an 8x4 wheel arrangement of the “cab over engine” configuration is designed for installation of industrial installations, technological equipment and operation on all types of roads. The designers of the chassis of the KrAZ-7133-500 truck were guided by the requirements of the traffic regulations regarding the maximum permissible axle load, which ensured the implementation of technical standards during the movement of vehicle by public roads without special permission.

Technical characteristics of the new vehicle: the power plant includes a 375 HP Euro 5 engine, aggregated with a manual transmission and single-plate clutch pulling type. The brake system is dual line pneumatic type with ABS system. Forward control cabin with a sleeping birth, low profile day-type, with a high level of comfort, equipped with air conditioning. It contains a functional dashboard, an integral type steering gear with built-in power steering, an adjustable steering column, power windows.

The crane superstructure includes a four-section boom 34 meters long, with a loading capacity of 40 tons with a rotation angle of 360 °. Comfortable operator’s cabin  with circular glazing provides visibility of the work area for any length of the boom and its angle of inclination. Crane operation control system - standard, with safety devices. An autonomous heater is installed in the crane operator’s cabin.

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