“Ukrspeсtekhnika” are satisfied with the cooperation with “KrAZ”

29 July, 2019

Holding company “Ukrspetstekhnika”, which main activities are the development, design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of special electronics, science-based and high-tech weapons, telecommunications, has been cooperating with the AutoKrAZ for more than ten years.

“Ukrspetstekhnika” uses kits — the chassis truck KrAZ-63221 and chassis trailer KrAZ-A061H2 for installation of the superstructure — the radar station “Malachite”

Fulfillment of a contract for supplying of a batch of such kits was completed in July. The Head of Ukrspetstekhnika Vera Koshevaya notes that at the enterprise recognize the value of cooperation with AutoKrAZ, over the course of decades they have been convinced of the reliability of KrAZ vehicles, and KrAZ trucks constantly demonstrate their power and cross-country capability in off-road conditions, on any terrain.

The high cross-country capability truck chassis KrAZ-63221 is used for mounting armament and military equipment, special and industrial installations, as well as towing a trailer on all types of roads, off-road and terrain. Military vehicles are equipped with a central tire inflation system, which is controlled from the cabin of a moving vehicle, and has compartments for mounting personal driver’s and crew’s weapons.

Technical characteristic: 6×6 wheel arrangement, 4-stroke diesel engine WP10.380; gearbox — mechanical, 2-range, 9-speed; mechanical steering gearbox with hydraulic booster.

Interference-protected meter Radio Detection and Ranging equipment “MALAHIT-M” with digital processing and automatic data transfer is used for automatically detect, determine the current coordinates (azimuth, range, course, speed and altitude when paired with a mobile radar altimeter equipment) and motion path parameters; automatic data transfer on the tracking targets to the control point, as well as to the consumers of radar information when using the radio-radar troops and antiaircraft missile troops radar reconnaissance units in conditions of intensive displays from the underlying surface and ground objects, the actions of organized active, passive and combined interference; detection and tracking of targets with small EPR using Stealth technologies; detection and tracking of targets in the marine area.

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