“KrAZes are a fantastic. It is what the army and peacekeeping missions needs.”

31 July, 2019

So summed up his visit to PJSC “AutoKrAZ” a military journalist from Brazil, a specialist in defense, geopolitics and strategy Kaiser David Konrad. In his publications he covers the topics of armed conflict in hot spots, the course of peacekeeping missions. His articles are published in world military publications, for example, "Tecnologia & Defesa"("Technology and protection"). Our company was interested him, first of all, because “AutoKrAZ” is sole manufacturer of heavy duty trucks, including military ones, in Ukraine.

His wife Natalya is a Ukrainian, originally hail from Poltava region. Kaiser Konrad, repeatedly passing through Kremenchug, drew attention to the models of trucks placed at the exhibition site, spoke about positive impressions to his colleagues and representatives of the military department of his country, watched video presentations of the capabilities of Ukrainian-made vehicles which are published on AutoKrAZ’s website. And at last he got approval for a visit to KrAZ plant.

During the visit he talked with representatives of the enterprise, got acquainted with the product range, production facilities of the plant, visited the Training Center and a test and proving ground. He has take photos at the background of KrAZ truck, made a video shooting at the test and proving ground, where the KrAZ-6322 military vehicle demonstrated its capabilities, and also went through most difficult test stages with the test driver.

“I dream that Brazil would also appear on the map where almost 70 countries of the world that order AutoKrAZ products are indicated,” says Kaiser Konrad. — What I saw at the enterprise impressed me very much. It is that the army needs, your technology is first class. Powerful trucks confidently overcoming any obstacles at a modern testing area — it’s fantastic! Your vehicles are capable to compete with world famous brands, winning due to design features of trucks and pricing. Using the knowledge and materials obtained through my visit I will prepare reports for specialized world publications about AutoKrAZ, and I will send all the content that I have about your enterprise to the military authorities of my country."


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