Comfortable Wagon trucks on the basis of the KrAZ-5401H2 chassis for Poltava Mining and Processing Plant

01 August, 2019

PJSC “AutoKrAZ” fulfilled another order for the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant for supply of a batch of the KrAZ-5401H2 4×2 chassis trucks as a base for the installation of a wagon body made in PJSC “Spetsbudmash” under the order of TH “Budshlyahmash”.

ACV-72.1 cars based on KrAZ-5401H2 are intended for transportation of shift team crews of the enterprise to the place of work. The machines are equipped with air-conditioning system, autonomous interior heating — Webasto, remote communication with the driver’s cab, a protective mesh is installed on the windows of the van body with the possibility of its rapid dismantling. Van body is designed for 26 seats. The seats are soft, with the possibility of adjusting the angle of the backrest, as well as with safety belts.

Chassis automobile KrAZ-5401H2: wheel arrangement 4×2; cabin over engine, double-seat, with seat belts on both seats; with air conditioning in the driver’s cab; turbocharged diesel engine WP7.300, Euro-5, power — 300 hp, 6-cylinder in-line; gerabox — mechanical, nine-stage, dual-band; ABS braking system.

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