Agrarians choose AutoKrAZ: The chassis KrAZ-6511H2 was shipped for installation of cistern AC-12.

03 September, 2019

The chassis KrAZ-6511H2 that over recent years expanded the range of products of Kremenchuk automobile plant was shipped for large agricultural company from Western region of Ukraine. It distinguishes from its predecessors by the presence of a rear third lifting axle, which allows to reduce fuel consumption and tire wear when the vehicle is not loaded.

KrAZ-6511H2-500 with wheel arrangement 6×2; cabin over engine, double-seat; engine: WP7.300 (Weichai Power), Euro-5, in-line, 6-cylinder, turbocharged, 300 hp; gear box is a 9-speed, 2-stage, braking system with ABS.

The vehicle with a load capacity of 18 tons is designed for installation of the industrial purpose superstructures and technological equipment, municipal special equipment. Its advantages are the increased load capacity, compared with 4×2 vehicles, while reducing operating costs, compared to the 6×4 vehicles.

The installation of superstructure the stainless steel cistern with volume 12m3 and thickness of 6 mm will be performed by “Kobzarenka plant” LLC. That cistern intended for transportation of technical water and chemicals.

PJSC “AutoKrAZ” is ready to provide agricultural parks of agricultural producers with equipment for any purpose: grain carriers (the grain carriers such as KrAZ-6511C4 and KrAZ-5401C2 agricultural producers can buy under the state program with a discount of up to 40%), side board trucks, chassis for installation of different superstructures in particular equipment for loading of dry feed and tractor superstructure.

The model range of Kremenchuk automobile plant includes more than 30 base 2-axled, 3-axlad and 4-axled trucks models with load capacity from 5 to 30 ton cab behind engine and cab over engine variants.

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