A batch of KrAZ-63221 chassis was shipped for PZTM

07 August, 2019

Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant (Kazakhstan) will receive the KrAZ-63221 truck chassis, on which it will be mounted equipment for the oil field. PZTM repeatedly ordered similar products at AutoKrAZ that have been working without fail for more than a dozen years. Therefore, it estimates the automobile plant as a stable, proven over the years, reliable economic partner.

Technical parameters of the KrAZ-63221 truck chassis: 6×6 wheel arrangement, carrying capacity — 18 100 kg, engine — WP10, engine environmental standard — Euro-5, engine power — 375 h. p. Cabin type — bonnet, three-seat, color — white. The truck manufacturers fulfilled the customer’s requirements due to the design features of the superstructure (equipment for the oil and gas complex): they installed a fuel tank on the right side at a certain distance from the front axle, equipped with a satellite navigation system.

In general, range of KrAZ chassis, which are manufactured by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant, has more than 10 basic two-, three-, and four-axle models with a carrying capacity up to 30 tons of “cabin-behind-engine” and “cabin-over-engine” truck configuration.

Cranes, excavators, concrete mixers, tankers, as well as equipment for the oil and gas complex, mining and forestry sectors, construction, road and municipal sectors — there is not a complete list of special superstructures that have been reliably operating for more than half a century based on KrAZ chassis trucks.

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