KrAZ-63221 truck chassis were shipped to “KHZTO”

18 October, 2019

Kharkiv Plant of Transport Machinery was received next batch of truck chassis. KrAZ-63221 is used for installation of mobile pumping units UNP-160×40. The mobile pumping unit UNP-160×40 is intended for pumping liquids into oil and gas wells during cementing during drilling and overhaul, as well as during other washing and squeezing operations.

As the transport base, KrAZ-63221 truck chassis is used, which guarantees the operation of the superstructure on all types of roads, off-road and any terrain, while analogues of other manufacturers are designed to travel only on paved roads. A powerful engine of truck chassis and a special transfer case make it possible to driven from it a high pressure pump and water supplying pump, which will eliminate using of a separate internal combustion engine for this pump and the related need to provide it with fuels and lubricants and batteries, which greatly simplifies superstructure maintenance.

Chassis specifications: wheel arrangement 6×6, “cab-behind-engine” truck configuration, metal, three-seat, engine — WP10(Euro-5, 375 hp), in-line, 6-cylinder, turbocharged, brake system with ABS, there is a digital tachograph.

In the batch that was delivered to the customer is KrAZ-6322 truck chassis too, on which will be mounted superstructure of the mobile steam generator УПП — 1600/100 (intended for dewaxing oil and gas wells and other oil-industrial equipment and also for heating and steaming) or for mounting tubing transportation unit UTT-17(intended for transportation of long-length cargo during servicing oil and gas wells and is designed for operation by all types of roads, as well as off-road, in temperate and cold climatic zones).

Kharkiv Plant of Transport Machinery is a long-standing partner of AutoKrAZ, one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company produces special equipment which used in the development and overhaul of oil and gas wells, transportation and storage of various kinds of petroleum products, and special municipal equipment.

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