Truck chassis KrAZ-7133H4 — for fitted of dust suppression system PW-200

23 August, 2019

Another new exclusive special vehicle will appear at the Poltava PPM — dust suppression system PW-200 based on KrAZ-7133H4. The mounting of unique special equipment on KrAZ-7133H4 chassis will be carried out by PJSC “Epos”.

The chassis truck is used as a base for the fitted of PW-200 equipment, which will carry out water-irrigation and other water operations related to the supply of water for spraying. The vehicle is used for irrigation, mainly slopes and hard-to-reach quarries. The overall length of the equipped truck — 8588 mm, tank capacity — 20 cub. m. In action the equipment is driven by a power take-off shaft, which is installed on KrAZ truck and it controlled by a hydraulic system. Equipment are intended for air dedusting from any dust sources.

“The KrAZ-7133H4 truck chassis optimally suits for the mounting of this unique special equipment,” “Epos” notes, “and meets the requirements, customer needs, and vehicle traffic parameters.”

Truck chassis KrAZ-7133Н4, wheel arrangement 8×4; cab type — over-engine, two-seat, with berth, there is air conditioning in the driver’s cab; diesel engine, in-line, turbocharged, 400 hp, Euro-5, engine protection against gravel and rubble; gearbox — mechanical, 2-range, 9-speed; with starting preheater; ABS braking system.

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